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St Anthony of the Desert

Orthodox Christian Mission

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fr Gabriel

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St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert

Welcome to St Anthony of the Desert. Please visit us! We welcome visitors in a spirit of Christian love.
Vespers are at 5:00pm Saturdays, the Divine Liturgy is at 9:30am Sundays. Both are followed with fellowship and food.

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The Joy of Hebrew

Ancient Hebrew is a Northwest Semitic language. The written script was derived from Phoenician around the tenth century BCE. By the time of Ezra (480-440 BCE), the written script began to look as it does today, a square form called originally ketav Ashurit, or Aramaic writing.

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Still walks on the lonely person of faith

In 1981, I had an intense if brief face to face friendship with Rav James Ponet, long-time rabbi of the Hillel community at Yale. Among the gifts Jim bestowed upon me in the short months of overlap after he came and before I left Yale and moved to Chicago were works by Joseph Soloveitchik, known everywhere as “The Rabbi.”

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Parish Calendar

Regular Worship Schedule

9:00am | Third and Sixth Hours
9:30am | Divine Liturgy
Coffee hour fellowship after Liturgy
4:00pm | Sacrament of Repentance
5:00pm | Vespers
6:00pm | Sacrament of Repentance
Holy Day
6:00pm | Lenten Services
6:00pm | Vesperal Liturgy on the Eve of a Feast

518 N. Alameda Avenue
Las Cruces NM 88046
corner of Hadley and Alameda
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