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St Anthony of the Desert

Orthodox Christian Mission

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fr Gabriel

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St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert
St Anthony of the Desert

Welcome to St Anthony of the Desert. Please visit us! We welcome visitors in a spirit of Christian love.
Vespers are at 5:00pm Saturdays, the Divine Liturgy is at 9:30am Sundays. Both are followed with fellowship and food.

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On love for and of God in the covenant with Israel

Leaving aside the historical concepts that inform the structure and pattern of the covenant in terms of the Hittite Suzerainty Treaties (background materials from the era), the clear message throughout the Old Testament is upon a handful of themes and they intertwine with the concept and the action of love on the part of both God and humans, specifically Israel.

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A little history lesson on Lent

The season of Lent leads up to Easter in churches that observe an ecclesiastical calendar. Lutherans, Episcopalians, Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians follow an ecclesiastical calendar; that is, they follow a set sequence of festivals throughout the year, which begins on a different day from the civil calendar’s new year. The main seasons in the ecclesiastical year are Advent, Christmas-Epiphany, Lent, Eastertide, and Pentecost.

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Parish Calendar

Regular Worship Schedule

9:00am | Third and Sixth Hours
9:30am | Divine Liturgy
Coffee hour fellowship after Liturgy
4:00pm | Sacrament of Repentance
5:00pm | Vespers
6:00pm | Sacrament of Repentance
Holy Day
6:00pm | Lenten Services
6:00pm | Vesperal Liturgy on the Eve of a Feast

518 N. Alameda Avenue
Las Cruces NM 88046
corner of Hadley and Alameda
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