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Why study the Old Testament?

The simple and short answer to the title question is: We study the Old Testament because we cannot understand the New Testament without it. In fact, we will make a lot of mistakes in understanding the New Testament and particularly the central figure of Jesus without understanding the culture, religion, and milieu of the people of Israel through his time and beyond.


How the Old Testament came to be

In the beginning was the covenant. Israel formed around a covenant, and the model for this covenant is to be found among the Hittites who lived N of Israel in the territory now known as Turkey. It was called a […]


Christianity is not moralism

To discuss what Christianity is, it is helpful to start out with what it is not. Christianity is not moralism. Moralism is Christianity reduced to legalism that concerns itself with external standards of “right” and “wrong” which become the measuring stick by which we as persons judge ourselves and others (and are judged by God).  


On Oriental Orthodoxy

As we hear more and more of terrorist attacks against Coptic Christians and occasionally against Armenians once again, it behooves us who are called Eastern Orthodox to understand our brothers and sisters in the so-called Oriental Churches.