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A Baker’s Dozen: Books for Inquirers

Afonsky, Archbishop Gregory. CHRIST AND THE CHURCH. SVS.
Solidly Biblical in approach, with lots of keen insights from the early and later Fathers of the church.  Brevity is a virtue!

Bajis, Jordan. COMMON GROUND. Light and Life.
Excellent handbook on the faith and its differences from both Protestantism and Catholicism in easily understood language.

Behr-Sigel, Elisabeth. THE PLACE OF THE HEART. Oakwood Pub.  Intro to Orthodox Spiritual life by a beloved lay theologian.

Farley, Lawrence, LET US ATTEND.  Conciliar Press.  Excellent
Introduction to the Divine Liturgy.

Hopko, Thomas, THE ORTHODOX FAITH (4 volumes).  The
“rainbow” series of introductions to worship, history, etc.

Mathewes-Green, Frederica. THE ILLUMINED HEART.  Paraclete.
How people became Christian and lived in early centuries.

_________________________. THE OPEN DOOR.  Paraclete.
A lovely introduction to icons and the church building.

Paul of Finland, Archbishop. THE FAITH WE HOLD.  SVS.
_________________________. FEAST OF FAITH.  SVS.
Companion volumes by the late Archbishop of the Orthodox Church in Finland.  Small packages, big on information.

Schmemann, Alexander.  FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD.  SVS.
Originally written for college students in the 60’s, this has become a classic introduction to the Orthodox faith.

Ware, Kallistos (Timothy).  THE ORTHODOX CHURCH. Oxford.
Readable, accessible history of the church with introduction to worship and ministry.

_______________________.  THE ORTHODOX WAY.  SVS.
Wonderful introduction to the faith of the Church.  Lots of good quotes that illuminate each chapter.

THE WAY OF A PILGRIM.  Annotated version by Gleb Petrovsky.
Skylight Publications.  The classic from the 19th century, on the prayer of the heart (the Jesus Prayer).  Many people have entered the Orthodox world through this book.

If your prayer book has no catechism, you may want to buy one. Velimirovic, Nikolai. THE FAITH OF THE SAINTS. A CATECHISM.
For a longer catechetical resource, see
THE LIVING GOD. 2 Vols. Trans. from French by Olga Dunlap.  SVS.

ASSUMED RESOURCES: Bible and Prayer Book