St Anthony of the Desert

Orthodox Christian Mission

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Fr Gabriel

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Welcome to Lent

The following is not an essay in length.  It is a piece that came to me in the middle of the night on the 21st of March 2011.  I offer it as it came to me, recorded as quickly as I could write it down.


Time to change your heart.
Time to change your mind.
Time to repent, to turn your life around.
Time to return to the community of the faithful.
Time to receive the holy mysteries.
Time to renew your ascetic discipline.

The church is not your problem
The priest is not your problem.
The people are not your problem.

These are your problems:
And the greatest is pride and its companions,
arrogance and vainglory.

The devil wants you to bask in these sins;
He will encourage and support you in them, because sins help him to isolate you
from the community.
Above all, he wants you to be alone.
He hates it when you are in community with others.

God will hep you conquer these sins,
but only if you want to.
You need to community
to work on your salvation.

Welcome to Lent.